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clark vault

We offer a variety of Burial Vaults, from concrete to our preferred Clark Metal Vaults. We order our concrete and Clark vaults locally from Penn-Mar Wilbert Vault Company. You can visit the Clark Metal Vault site at Clark Grave Vault

 It has been said that a picture "says a thousand words".  We can capture the life of not only your deceased family member, but the memorial portrait also makes a great gift for wedding, anniversaries, or family portraits for those still living. Below are just some examples of what we can do.


Beasley wedding

We specialized in many different memorials, markers and plaques for the community cemeteries and other counties in the area.


Established in 1921.

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Our funeral home was established in 1946 by our founder, Gilbert L. Dailey. Mr. Dailey was raised in Steelton, a veteran of WWII where he achieved...

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