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Our facilities are centrally located in the Harrisburg area to serve both the East and West Shores. We take tremendous pride in the appearance of our funeral home and strive to provide our families and community with a peaceful setting for a lasting tribute.

Inside Dailey Funeral Home we have the capability to seat more than 150 people. Unlike some of our competitiors, we only perform one funeral at a time in our facility. We believe that you are compensating us to use the whole facility, not just a portion.

Many families compliment us on the brightness and cleanliness of our chapel and adjoining rooms. Our decor coincides with our belief that a funeral should not be a somber occasion, but rather a celebration of a loved one's life.

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About us

Our funeral home was established in 1946 by our founder, Gilbert L. Dailey. Mr. Dailey was raised in Steelton, a veteran of WWII where he achieved...

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