At Dailey Funeral Home, we specialize in preplanning and prepaying funerals.

Why should I pre-arrange?

There are 3 reasons why many people choose to prearrange and prepay.

  • It relieves an emotional burden from those you love.
  • You can express your own wishes.
  • You can relieve the financial burden from those you love.

You may be amazed at how good it makes you feel to get your wishes on file with us. Enjoy the peace of mind that these decisions have not been left for others to face.

Not every person is the same; therefore, we believe that a loved one’s funeral should be as unique as the person. We offer many different traditional funeral and cremation packages that offer a discounted price to the families that we serve.

All of our Traditional Funeral Packages include 3 death certificates


With the increasing popularity of cremation, our funeral home is pleased to offer cremation packages that also may be tailored to your needs and provide a unique and dignified tribute. Please call for additional details, options and pricing.


Many times in our profession we receive out of town funeral calls and wonder which funeral home or trade service comes highly recommended in that particular area. Before you call a large shipping or trade embalming service, please call our firm first. You will be pleasantly surprised with our rates and more importantly, with the quality of our embalming work. We believe in being reasonable with your firm because someday, we may need your services and hope that you will extend the same professional courtesy to us. 

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Our funeral home was established in 1946 by our founder, Gilbert L. Dailey. Mr. Dailey was raised in Steelton, a veteran of WWII where he achieved...

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